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5 Secrets to a More Productive Workspace

Whether you are an entrepreneur, office worker, artist, or writer, having an environment that supports you in the creation of your work is essential.

I’ve spent a lot of time studying Feng Shui and how the energy of the decor and other items in your home can influence how you feel in certain rooms.

My combination studio and home office space is the room I love to change, redesign, and play with the most, and I have few secrets to share.

These are my top five tips for helping you get things done in your studio or office space. (Also, my favorite is number five!)


Here’s a quick recap:

  1. Empty out the trash every day– No need to let yesterday’s trash weigh down the success of today
  2. Get Organized– Clear the clutter, and organize what’s important. You will have more clarity and less distractions from your work.
  3. Put your desk in the “command” position in the room– Back to the wall, able to look out doors and windows without turning around. You are now energetically in command of your life and business.
  4. Harmonize your color scheme– Tap into the energy of the room and look around for colors that seem out of place or “off” to you. Replace them if needed, and you will get that “ahhhh, that’s better” feeling.
  5. Touchstone– An object that reminds you of your why, or a reminder of who you would like to be. I have one that reminds me to stop being so serious and have more fun!

If you are having trouble organizing, decluttering, or something seems off that you can’t quite put your finger on, please get in touch with me for a consultation. I would love to play in the energy of your space, and help create the right space for you!

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